The Path Of Vibrant Living





Integrating Buddhist, Yogic, Shamanistic, & Ayurvedic "Life Wisdom" perspectives, techniques, and practices, you will be guided to cultivate greater health and wellness based upon your own unique individual physical, mental, emotional, & psycho-spiritual constitution.

We will work together to define your health & wellness goals, uncover the habits & core beliefs that prevent you from achieving those goals, and create a simple, sustainable plan of action for you to integrate new habits and routines into your daily life that support you on your path towards optimal health. 


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is ideal for anyone who is excited by the idea of taking their health into their own hands, but needs some guidance and inspiration along the way.  Your path to greater vitality will include...


      ● Intuitive Guidance

      ● Compassionate Listening Dietary Refinements

      ● Simple Self Care Tips & Implementation Strategies  

      ● Journaling & Writing Exercises for Self Reflection

      ● Herbal & Nutritional Recommendations

      ● Fundamental Yogic Breath & Movement Techniques 

You will be supported and encouraged to go at your own pace to achieve deeply rooted, lasting benefit.  


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Yoga by the Sea

90 Day


Holistic Health


Holistic Lifestyle


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Committing to your path, one day at a time, for 90 days.  Includes...

● 3 Holistic Health Lifestyle Consultations

● 4 Holistic Lifestyle Support Sessions