Cultivating Vitality & Wellbeing Through Mindful Listening & Deep Relaxation



Craniosacral Therapy & Energy Healing techniques are skillfully combined with the pure tones and harmonic overtones of tuning forks, singing bowls, and other therapeutic sound tools, shifting brain waves and inducing a state of deep relaxation. Stress, pain, tension, & fatigue are alleviated, leaving the receiver with a grounded sense of well-being. It is common to experience dreams, visions, and intuitive insights during the session.   


Reset  body, mind, & spirit in this healing experience which combines a guided, deep relaxation meditation with the transformative, healing power of sound. Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Harp, Chimes, Flutes, and Stringed instruments will soothe the soul.



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  • Sound Journeys can include a guided relaxation / guided meditation if desired


In Person & Online


 "Sound has been used continuously throughout time and in all cultures and healing practices. The ancient Rishis of India created mantras as a means of expanding consciousness and obtaining high level wellness, which they called enlightenment. The ancient Greeks used sonic intervals, and musical modes to positively effect consciousness in order to stimulate dreams and heal traumas. Shamans of all indigenous traditions have used vocal sounds, whistles, rattles, drums, didgeridoos, flutes and other kinds of sound making instruments to enter into altered states of consciousness or spiritual realms, in their quest for healing individuals and entire communities.

These traditions have in common a universal view of consciousness and healing based on an understanding of sound and vibration. Therefore, the basic premise and theoretical foundation of Sound Healing is that all existence is vibratory in nature, and therefore It is the underlying vibratory field that sustains and imbues everything that exists with structure and form. The universe that can be perceived by our senses is only a minute part of the totality of existence. The basic structure of the known universe consists of vibrating, sub-atomic particle/waves that are collectively referred to as The Quantum Field. In sound healing the mind and the body are one, just as sound and form are one, and quantum wave and quantum particle are one. We are conscious vibrational beings with the ability to localize in time and space and we are simultaneously conscious waves moving through regions of space, far beyond our defined physical body.

Sound Healers use a method called Mindful Listening. Mindful Listening is similar to Mindfulness Meditation and the two techniques are complimentary and easily combined. Each practice aims to go beyond the “rational-objective mind”, to expand consciousness and to increase our awareness. During Mindful Listening,practitioners listen to a sound and become one with it. When conscious awareness is located inside a sound, people report experiences that are similar to observations of sub-atomic particles described by quantum physicists. The inner experience of reality changes and comes into resonance with the vibratory patterns of the sound. This opens the possibility for healing: a change in consciousness that creates an inner sense of balance, harmony, and well-being."


Written by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.and David Perez-Martinez, M.D.