Michelle and her vocal coaching have been such a gift to me! I have long dreamed of making singing an intentional part of my life, but have been too scared and self-conscious to take the leap. Michelle put all that at ease with her compassionate, intuitive, exploratory, authentic, and completely accepting style. As a result, I have found the courage and the freedom to explore the power of my own voice, and to bring singing into my practice and my home in a way that feels organic, embodied, and deeply connected. I would recommend working with Michelle to anyone interested in learning about the transformative power of a vocal practice!

T. G. / Psychologist /  San Diego, CA 


Michelle’s approach was a series of non-threatening questions; not a one size fits all solution.  She acutely followed the path of bread crumbs I left with my answers.   Based on information only I was privy to, Michelle simply held the lamp while I dug up what I knew in my own heart and put it in my own words.  Illumination was based purely on my own personal perceptions. After the thousands of dollars I have spent on traditional therapy, this was extraordinarily easy and efficient.  Ever thankful for Michelle's masterful shepherding. 

M. M. / Retired Teacher /  La Jolla, CA 



Since my energy healing session with Michelle, I still remember so many moments and sensations very vividly. Michelle recovered a missing piece of, a piece I didn’t even knew had left, and reintegrated it into my being. I felt nourished and so deeply loved. Michelle has an incredible gift, and I’m excited to continue treatments with her.


 Janelle Despot / Artist / San Diego, CA 


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