Sharon Brock / Author & Mindfulness Facilitator / Los Angeles, CA


Michelle is easy going and warm-hearted, creates a safe environment to open up, can be direct when needed and roundabout as required. She asks great questions and listens actively. Michelle’s background in wellness and the healing arts gives her an excellent foundation of both knowledge and presence which allows her to tune into her clients at various levels. She is professional in every way and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Arianna Neff  /  Mother, Wellness Coach, & Founder of Nourish, Gather, Love / Bend, OR


My experience of working with Michelle has been deep and delightful.  Her polished listening / reflective skills are a gift, and what I most enjoy about working together is the spacious field of creative potential that we enter.  Our sessions have been insightful and most nourishing for me.  I look forward to more exploration with her in the future!

Dominique Pozo / Counselor &  Expressive Arts Therapist /  Maui, HI


Michelle’s approach was a series of non-threatening questions; not a one size fits all solution.  She acutely followed the path of bread crumbs I left with my answers.   Based on information only I was privy to, Michelle simply held the lamp while I dug up what I knew in my own heart and put it in my own words.  Illumination was based purely on my own personal perceptions. After the thousands of dollars I have spent on traditional therapy, this was extraordinarily easy and efficient.  Ever thankful for Michelle's masterful shepherding. 

M. M. / Writer, Artist, & Retired Teacher /  La Jolla, CA