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Integrative Wellness Coaching is designed for growth-oriented, open-minded individuals who are excited by the prospect of engaging in a journey of self discovery to enhance their sense of health, wellness, & overall life satisfaction.  They understand that the structure,  guidance, & accountability that partnering with a skilled coach provides, is a key component to ensure that the changes & outcomes they desire will most effectively come to fruition. 

My unique approach to coaching combines the scientifically proven perspectives & methodologies of Positive Psychology with the understanding of various Holistic Health philosophies & practices from around the world, gained from over 20 years of personal practice, study & professional experience in the Healing Arts field. ​

When you commit to being coached, we will work together to achieve notable transformation in your life as we define your health & wellness goals based, tap into your core strengths to help you achieve your vision, and co-create effective strategies and action steps to send you on your path towards optimal wellbeing & self-actualization.


In addition to the active, mindful listening & guided self inquiry you will receive as an essential component in personal development coaching, a session with me is also likely to  include...

     ● Somatic Awareness 

     ● Meditation & Breathing Techniques

     ● Mindfulness Practices

     ● Herbal & Nutritional Consulting

     ● Energy Balancing


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