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Michelle is an artist, musician, songwriter, and healing arts practitioner working in the field of holistic health and healing arts for over 20 years.  She brings an intuitive and creative sensibility to all her offerings, providing a transformational space for personal growth and spiritual connection through integrative health & wellness coaching, & spiritual / psychedelic integration coaching, meditative sound & music journeys, and the facilitation of multi-cultural group singing and chanting.

Her  journey as a student of song, sound, and voice has led her to explore various instruments including: the Guitar, the Andean Charrango, the Indian Sitar & Harmonium, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Native American flutes, the Afro-Brazilian Berimbau, the Handpan, as well as various other percussion and sound healing instruments.  

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Michelle is currently recording and producing her own music, which can be found on all listening platforms.  She is also the creator of the Mystic Path Oracle, and has published 3 Sound Healing Albums in collaboration with Hay House Publishing Company: Sound Healing Meditations for Inner Peace & Wellbeing , Sound Healing Music for Meditation, & Sacred Om: Sleep & Flow States with Binural Beats

Influenced by her parents involvement in Native American spiritual practices and by her aunt who lived in India for many years studying in the Advaita Vedanta Hindu philosophical tradition, Michelle developed an interest in foreign and indigenous spiritual traditions early on.  She begin practicing yoga and meditation at the age of 18, while pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Anthropology and Latin American Studies from the University of Colorado.


By her late twenties, Michelle had lived and traveled extensively throughout the world.  This multicultural exposure led her to study and experience a diverse variety of music, movement, healing, and spiritual traditions, while also developing an appreciation for the diverse aesthetic expressions of culture on all levels.

Find more info on Michelle HERE

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