Integrative Coaching & Wellness Consulting For Clarity, Vitality, & Optimal Wellbeing

Recognizing that all areas of ones life are interdependently interconnected, I embrace a nonjudgemental, compassion based approach of guided inquiry and exploration which aims to cultivate self awareness and personal autonomy, while consciously engaging your own unique, ever evolving vision of a balanced and fulfilling life


Eliciting your innate wisdom and intuition as the foundation of our work together, I will assist you in defining, refining, reframing, and embodying any and all aspects of wellbeing you wish to focus on, such as health & wellness, relationships, resilience, spirituality, livelihood, etc. . . 


In addition to deep listening, insightful inquiry, and forward focused facilitation, an Integrative Coaching session may also incorporate the following . . .

  • Somatic Awareness Exercises

  • Guided Meditations & Visualizations

  • Mindfulness Practices & Breathing  Techniques

  • Yoga & Ayurveda Inspired Wellness Counseling

  • Herbal & Nutritional Recommendations