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La Aurora is a Peruvian chant and medicine song, sung in Spanish and Quechua. It is an invocation, calling upon the blessing of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), Mama Quilla (Mother Moon), Wiracocha (The Creator), and Taita Inti (Father Sun).  Traditionally, any number of natural elements, beings, or animal and plant spirits might be substituted for the Incan deities listed in this recording. La Aurora was first recorded in 2012 by Peruvian Medicine Woman Cristina Mendoza, who is presumed to be the original songwriter.


Apenas sale la aurora en las montanas se oye un cantar

 Just as dawn emerges in the mountains, a song is heard


Pachamama* (Mama Quilla / Wiracocha / Taita Inti)  sumaq kunai didi (riri), mantai kunai kaya di (ri), shamu didi (riri)

Calling upon the beautiful spirit of Mother Earth* (Mother Moon / Creator / Father Sun) to come today and give  us their protective blessings 


I have done my best to translate the lyrics, please contact me below if you know of a more appropriate translation. Thank you!  

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