"Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom"


 - Socrates  

Psychospiritual Integration is a coaching pathway which aims to assist in the integration of the ineffable experiences,  insights, and revelations that are typical in the context of a mystical experience.  Whether occurring as a result of a "spontaneous awakening", through mindbody practices such as yoga or meditation, or through the mindful use of entheogenic plant medicines, Psychospiritual Integration Coaching will assist you to ground your experience into daily life.  


The structure & guidance that our collaboration provides, will help to ensure that the lessons gleaned from your experience will translate into enduring transformation, echoing seamlessly throughout your life.   A Psychospiritual Integration Session is also an excellent resource to help you set your intention and prepare for an upcoming transformative experience such as a meditation / yoga retreat.



I had my first "mystical experience" on the cusp of my 13th birthday, when participating in an all night prayer ceremony on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico.*   As the sun began to rise and light up the inside of the tipi with a luminous glow, I was overcome with a profound sense of timelessness, deep peace, and sublime presence.  A feeling of the inherent perfection of every moment was accompanied by a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty and mystery of life unfolding before my eyes.  The singular voice of a songbird filled the sacred silence, marking in my being a reference point along the timeline of my life’s trajectory, that I continue to refer back to today.  

Throughout my life I have had a tendency towards transcendental, non-ordinary states of consciousness, extra sensory perception, and mystical experience. I know firsthand how fascinating, exhilarating, and mysterious such experiences can be.  I believe that they are an innate and essential part of the universal human repertoire of being that we all have access to, and ultimately long for, whether conscious of this need or not.  I also know of the disorientation and life disruption such altered states of consciousness and non-traditional experiences can cause for an individual, and the challenge of integration in relation to the conventional cultural context, worldview and perception of reality.  

Drawing upon various traditions and practices, while always following my own inner compass, I have managed to maintain my center, and even thrive, while walking this path "in between worlds," so to speak, throughout my life.  It is this invaluable personal experience which I bring to my Psychospiritual Integration practice.  It is my hope that I can be a guiding light for you, as you journey down your own unique path of spiritual exploration and discovery.

*That ceremony was facilitated by Anthony Davis "White Thunder," a Pawnee Road Chief and President of the Native American Church of the U.S. in Texas, who began living with my family the previous year when recovering from a medical challenge.  My father, Jerry Patchen, is an attorney and has offered legal representation to the Native American Church (NAC)  for over 40 years to help secure and protect their rights to religious freedom.  He was also formerly counsel and a founding Director of the Heffter Research Institute which is dedicated to promote high quality research of the mind and the effect of mind altering plants such as Peyote and Ayahuasca, and other compounds.


  • 1 Hour Initial Session 

  • 2 / 35 min Sessions



Sessions must be completed in a 30  day time period for optimal benefit 

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Psychospiritual Integration Coaching is not intended to replace clinical counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment or any other mental health / medical service that requires treatment with a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor. Any information provided when coaching / consulting is not intended for use in diagnosing or treating any disease or condition, or prescribing any treatment whatsoever.


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