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Integrating  Spiritual   Experience

Spiritual Integration Coaching aims to assist in the integration of the ineffable experiences,  insights, and revelations that are typical in the context of a spiritual or mystical experience.  Whether occurring as a result of mindbody practices such as yoga or meditation, or through the mindful use of psychedelic plants, Spiritual Integration Coaching will assist you to ground your experience into daily life.  

The structure & guidance that our collaboration provides, will help to ensure that the lessons gleaned from your experience will translate into enduring transformation, echoing seamlessly throughout your life. 

Spiritual Integration Coaching is also an excellent resource to help you clarify your intention and prepare for an upcoming transformative experience such as a meditation or yoga retreat.


My Story     

Throughout my life I have had a tendency towards extra sensory perception and mystical states of consciousness. I know firsthand how fascinating, exhilarating, and mysterious such experiences can be.  I also know of the disorientation and life disruption such altered states of consciousness and non-traditional experiences can cause for an individual, and the challenge of integration in relation to the conventional cultural context, worldview and perception of reality.  

To this aspect of my coaching practice I bring invaluable personal experience and training in the realms of  Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Bodywork, Personal Development Coaching, and Integrative Health & Wellness well as a cultivated intuition, a study of various wisdom traditions and perspectives, and a life long exposure to the mindful use of psychedelic plants as sacred tools for healing, purification, insight, & spiritual connection, which began in my early childhood through familial involvement with the Native American Church.   

Spiritual Integration is not intended to replace clinical counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment or any other mental health / medical service that requires treatment with a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor. Any information provided when coaching / consulting is not intended for use in diagnosing or treating any disease or condition, or prescribing any treatment whatsoever.

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